Gaming Reverends

He said "You shall play a game!"
And I played a game.

He said "You shall CREATE a game!"
And I said "Still playing, dude!"

- Reverend Greg


While our self-proclaimed game designer Reverend Greg loves to dive into fantastic game-worlds and hardly ever surfaces and while our wannabe artist Reverend Gregoire desperately and pathetically unsucessfully tries to draw a simple straight line on a canvas Reverend Grigory the worthless programmer in our team uses his time to create developer tools for our game. Some of these will be handy for other indie developers and are available for downloading here:


Logo: Blur Calculator

Blur Calculator

Blur Calculator is a small helper tool to calculate offsets and weights of a blur shader. With only a few clicks you can set sigma and kernel size, check the gaussian distribution on a graph and preview image and export the complete GLSL shader code, or just the offsets and weights as GLSL constant arrays to the clipboard.


Logo: PubSub

Video Tutorial: Shaders for Hobby Programmers

In this tutorial series I explain how to use shaders in GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games.

The series is mainly for hobby programmers who are new to shaders or struggle understanding shaders. It's most likely going to be a bit slow paced for people who are really good at programming already or people who are really good at maths. I will explain how the GPU works on a basic level and how to think in GLSL. After that I'll gradually, video for video, add more functions and tools to use by showing and explaining sample code. The first few videos will be very slow paced so everyone can keep up, but after that I'll speed up a bit.


Logo: Framed Shapes

Framed Shapes

Framed Shapes is an extension for GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games that allows to easily create regular polygons and rectangles with a frame instead of just a thin border. Shape and frame can be changed in dimension, corner radius, rotation, rotation origin, color and alpha whereas color and alpha can be set differenty for frame and shape.


Logo: PubSub

PubSub Design Pattern

PubSub (Publish & Subscribe) is an extension for GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games. The Idea behind it is to seperate the invoker of an action from the actor so the invoker doesn't need to care who is going to act or if anyone is going to act at all and the actor doesn't need to care who is going to invoke the action. This can be used for many different systems like updating the GUI, toggling post-processing shaders for visual feedback, controlling an achievement system, changeing states in a finite state machine or whatever you like.


Logo: Premultiply Alpha

Premultiply Alpha

Premultiply Alpha is a filter script for the image manipulation program GIMP wich premultiplies the alpha value of each pixel into its color. Images with premultiplied alpha values are used in game development to be able to draw correctly to surfaces.


Logo: Export Icons

Export Icons

Export Icons is an export script for the image manipulation program GIMP wich lets you export square images to different sizes in one batch as .bmp .ico .gif .jpg or .png.