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He said "You shall play a game!"
And I played a game.

He said "You shall CREATE a game!"
And I said "Still playing, dude!"

- Reverend Greg

Logo: Export Icons

Export Icons



Export Icons is an export script for the image manipulation program GIMP wich lets you export square images to different sizes in one batch as .bmp .ico .gif .jpg or .png.


Export Icons - Screenshot 1 Export Icons - Screenshot 2 Export Icons - Screenshot 3



  • Unzip the scripts to the GIMP script-folder (usually C:/.../User/Username/gimp-2.x/scripts (though the gimp-folder might be set to hidden).


  • Export Icons only works with square images!
  • Select the file-type inside the file menu, submenu "Export As Icon ...".
  • Select the image sizes you wish to export. Size 0 does not get exported.
  • Select the path.
  • Select the file name.
  • Set the compression details.
  • "OK" exports the image to the selected sizes. The image size gets appended to each file name. "My_Logo.jpg" becomes i.e. "My_Logo_96x96.jpg".