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And I played a game.

He said "You shall CREATE a game!"
And I said "Still playing, dude!"

- Reverend Greg

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PubSub Design Pattern


About PubSub

PubSub (Publish & Subscribe) is an extension for GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games. The Idea behind it is to seperate the invoker of an action from the actor so the invoker doesn't need to care who is going to act or if anyone is going to act at all and the actor doesn't need to care who is going to invoke the action. This can be used for many different systems like updating the GUI, toggling post-processing shaders for visual feedback, controlling an achievement system, changeing states in a finite state machine or whatever you like.

This Asset was created after reading an article about the pubsub system by Muse Hill. It's the same concept with different code and more functionality. Read the article.

Test the demo (the demo is not optimized for mobile devices).


PubSub - Screenshot 1PubSub - Screenshot 2

PubSub - YouTube



  • Get PubSub at YoYo Games Marketplace.
  • Open a GameMaker: Studio Projekt.
  • Open the library inside the Marketplace Menu.
  • Add PubSub to the Projekt and import all necessary resources (Alle folders with "DEMO" in their name are only used for the demo linked above).


A manual with an example can be found in the script folder and detailed instructions within each script of the PubSub asset. Also a detailed example is available in the video above this section and if you import the "DEMO"-folders you can also read the source code of the demo linked above.